Dendrobium Joyce Kelly (johnsoniae X spectabile)


Strong upright sprays of unusual curvy whites, purple-striped lip. Blooms in spring and flowers last up to  2 months. This beautiful evergreen latouria orchid grows in warm to intermediate temperature with medium to bright. Keep well-drained and well watered. Comes in 2″ pot.

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Dendrobium Joyce Kelly Description

This beautiful latouria type dendrobium is a cross from well know Den. Spectabile and Den. Johnsoniae. This exotic hybrid produces lager white flowers with violet/purple striped lip. Dendrobium Joyce Kelly get the curvy and twisted flower from the Spectabile parent and inherits the white flower and the stripes from johnsoniae.  Overall this is compact latouria is easy to take care and is a must-have for any collection,


Both parents are from New Guinea, Bougainville, the Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu.

Den. spectabile usually grows on trees in swampy lowland forests, lower mountain forests, or in planted coconut or Casuarina trees from sea level to 3600 ft. (0-1100 m). On ridge tops, they grow on the surface of the ground in thick moss and peat. The plants survive exposure to high light and hot temperatures at lower elevations, but they are more abundant in cool, shady locations at higher elevations.

Den. johnsoniae grow along the north coast from near the border with Irian Jaya to the eastern tip of the island.  They usually grow in high light, and in many locations, they are exposed to full sun for at least part of the day. Plants are often found on Casuarina trees along watercourses and in gullies at 1650-3950 ft. (500-1200 m). In Guadalcanal, plants grow on Calophyllum trees near the summit of Mt. Austen at about 1750 ft. (530 m).

Plant Size and Type

Sympodial epiphyte can grow up to  12 in. (30 cm) .


6-8 in. (15-20 cm) long. Inflorescences are suberect.


5 to 6 flowers per stem. The flowers are 2 in. (5 cm) across. The slender sepals are curvy and somewhat twisted with nice white color. The lip is white with violet  / purple stripes.

Dendrobium Joyce Kelly Basic Care Infomation


Den. Joyce Kelly is composed of species of which 100% take medium light. Grow this hybrid in dappled light conditions (2000 to 3000 foot-candle).


Den. Joyce Kelly is composed of species of which 100% take hot temperatures and 50% take warm temperatures. Grow this hybrid in warm to hot conditions or 66°F to 85°F at night.


50%-60% humidity. Keep moist in the Spring-Summer, when the orchid is in active growth. Grow in a pot with porous, free-draining media. The pot should be small for plant size. Reduce water/feeding during the cooler months. Common media: fir bark, coconut chunks.


1/4-1/2 (125 PPM) recommended strength. Apply a balanced fertilizer weekly to biweekly throughout the year.

Rest Period

In its natural habitat, rainfall is heaviest in the winter, therefore, growing conditions should be maintained year-round. Water and fertilizer may be reduced somewhat, especially for plants grown in the dark, short-day conditions common in temperate latitudes. however, plants should never be allowed to dry completely. In the habitat, seasonal light variation is minor.

Growing Media

Pot plants in any open, fast-draining medium that stays moist, but not soggy. Repotting may be done anytime new roots are growing. However, keep in mind that Latouria type dendrobium likes to be potted in a smaller pot to produce a tight root system.


Near Blooming Size


Purple, White





Orchid Type


Blooming Season



Bright Light






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