Dendrobium Orchid

Dendrobiums are tropical orchids who thrive in warm, humid and shady conditions. There are more than a 1000 species of dendrobium, this makes it is the second largest genus of the orchid family. Although they vary considerably in their stems and leaves, Dendrobium flowers have a characteristic shape and are usually purple, white, red, yellow and pink. Because of a large number of species, Dendrobium flowers come in all sizes and do well in a variety of conditions. Some Dendrobiums require warmth and moisture, while others, like the nobile type, will not flower unless they have been exposed to cold weather. Dendrobiums are native to Southeast Asia and can be found in their natural habitat from northern India to the islands of New Guinea and Polynesia. This range encompasses approximately the area straddling the equator between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn.description

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